ryan riley o'hare
Hamlet or Self Portrait as a Robot

Self Portraits as a Robot

Hamlet or Self Portrait as a Robot 
uses artificial intelligence as a self portrait of the collective conscious. I have 
taken transcripts of conversations between myself and an artificially intelligent 
chatbot named Cleverbot (cleverbot.com) and created a narrative. Cleverbot is a conversational text interface based on machine 
learning. It's objective is to learn from it's communication with people over the web 
and build a database of dialogue so that it can appear more human in it's speech. In 
our conversations it became clear to me that not only was Cleverbot learning better 
discourse, but it was also becoming a reflection of our society. Over the course of 
the film, Cleverbot and I explore themes of existence, creation, God, and reality, 
among others relating to the human condition.